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Go Beyond Human Limits in Cutting-Edge 机器人 项目

From helping package our food and assembling automobiles to exploring the ocean’s depths and navigating the surface of the moon, robotics is now an integral part of our lives — and our future. Mimicking human behavior but offering unique abilities, robots have helped us accomplish things that once seemed beyond our reach.

If you want to know how robots work behind the scenes and advancements like the Mars exploration rovers, 自动驾驶汽车, and aerial drones are exciting to you, learning robotics could be the next step toward your career.


Science and Engineering Meet Computer Science and AI

机器人 is a field of engineering dedicated to designing, 生产, 操作, and improving robots — intelligent machines with human capabilities or characteristics. 机器人 programs encompass several disciplines: mechanical, 电, 电脑, industrial and manufacturing engineering, 计算机科学, 系统设计, 数据分析. 作为一个机器人专业的学生, you’ll also study 电脑 vision, 人工智能, 以及虚拟现实.

机器人 is creating new possibilities across industries and fields: they are essential components of assembly lines, they help defend military personnel in combat, and they even assist in surgeries. Robots are found harvesting crops, automating warehouses, and performing search-and-rescue missions. While early robots had mostly repetitive applications and were primarily limited to manufacturing within the automotive industry, today’s sophisticated robots are more autonomous and can assist in foodservice and transportation. For example, Domino’s and Nuro recently tested a self-driving pizza delivery robot.


Exercise Creativity—And Help Solve Problems

Whether you want to invent something new or improve existing technologies, robotics programs prepare you to live out your passion for creativity and address challenges businesses, 人们或国家面临. 机器人 courses teach you how to apply your strengths in science, math and 计算机科学 to engineer machines that improve our lives and work.

Pursue a Wide Range of 职业生涯 

Since they are interdisciplinary and applicable to countless settings, robotics programs prepare you for numerous careers. Work on self-driving semi fleets. Program the “brain” behind the stunt bot for an action movie. Design the controls for a robotic home assistant. Learning robotics helps you work toward these roles and others, 结合机械, 电 and 电脑 engineering concepts.


The robotics field is continuously evolving and full of possibilities for students interested in how machines work, AI, programming and technology. Check out some of the top careers in robotics listed below.


Design, assemble, test and reconfigure robots for a variety of contexts. 机器人 engineers help bring blueprints and designs for robots to life, designing prototypes and simulating a robot’s functions. These engineers work in several industries, 包括制造业, 医疗保健, 国防, 农业, automotive and even aerospace. 探索凯特林的B.S. 在工程

Mechanical (or Hardware) Engineer 

Design and construct a robot’s physical structure, 硬件和组件, 包括关节, 汽车, gearboxes and other physical parts. Mechanical engineers are crucial at every stage of a robot’s life — they model, 创建, assemble and test both new and existing robotic systems. Responsibilities also include research, collaboration with a team of engineers and simulation.


Work behind the scenes on the key component of robots: their intelligence. Software engineers in robotics programs troubleshoot and develop software and technology applications that allow robots to function. They’re responsible for controls, software integration and putting designs into code.

项目 for Students Interested in Learning 机器人

Because this field is multidisciplinary, you can learn robotics in various engineering programs. Choosing a robotics concentration allows you to specialize in the field, but you’ll also learn skills and concepts you can apply in a robotics career in the following programs.

Engineer Your Future in 机器人

Learn 机器人 Hands-on in the Lab

The best robotics programs 创建 opportunities for applying what you’ve learned in the classroom. Kettering is proud to offer you opportunities to design, program and test robots in state-of-the-art 研究实验室.


Battle Out Your 机器人 Knowledge in 战斗机器人

Join Kettering’s 战斗机器人 team to engineer real-life robots that duke it out with others throughout the country.

Learn Practical Application in Kettering’s 机器人课程 

In Kettering’s 机器人 Systems concentration or related robotics programs, you’ll focus on implementing robotics in contexts like virtual reality, 人工智能 and energy storage.


Student’s 合作社 with 第一个 机器人 Founder is a ‘Dream’

Austin Schmitz(22届, ME) took his love of 第一个 机器人 to a new level when he began his 合作社 at DEKA 研究 & 发展公司. 第一个 机器人 founder Dean Kamen started the New Hampshire-based company in 1982.

Students Provide Inspiration to 第一个 Teams with Robot in Three Days Build

2022年1月, 17 Kettering students participated in 第一个’s annual Robot in Three Days Challenge by building a robot designed to play in the 2022 第一个 机器人 Competition (FRC) Game, 快速的反应. Kettering’s build was livestreamed during the 72 hours, and students answered questions from high school students submitted via email or social media comments or messages throughout the build.

The Robotic Alternative to Knee Replacement

Kettering alumna Ashley Swartz has dedicated her career to helping people walk. She is the team leader at Roam 机器人, where they developed a wearable robotic knee brace that is helping people walk — and even ski — without pain.

十大棋牌网赌软件 to Host More Than a Thousand High School Students for 机器人 事件

More than a thousand high school robotics students flocked to the Connie and Jim John 娱乐中心 at 十大棋牌网赌软件 for two Kettering Kickoff Championships in September 2022. Seventy-seven 第一个 机器人 Competition (FRC) teams from Michigan, 俄亥俄州, Illinois and Pennsylvania participated in the 2022 FRC Game, 快速的反应.

Program the Pepperoni, Boot-up the Barista

Kettering grad Shawn Lange ('01, ME and EE) and his company, Lab2Fab are hastening the future of the food service industry with robotics, automation and 人工智能.

CNXMotion Hosts Its Technology Ride and Drive Event at Kettering’s GM 流动性研究中心

The track at the 十大棋牌网赌软件 GM 流动性研究中心 (MRC) is getting a lot of action. Grand Blanc-based CNXMotion is using the facility to show off its latest motion control technologies to invited guests, including partner companies.

Engineer Your Future in 机器人

Are you interested in learning robotics? Request information about the programs that interest you or apply to a related program today.